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May 11

WordPress on GoDaddy, Dreamhost and other hosting providers compromised!

Yes you heard that right. Over the past week numerous Wordpress installations on GoDaddy and other hosting providers have been under attack by malicious hackers that embed code into a number of the Wordpress files that will pull javascript from outside sources and run them in your browser! Hit the Read More link for the info.

May 06

Fedex Module ground options not showing!

I have seen a slew of complaints about this particular issue so I wanted to offer some help on this subject. What happened? Well, sadly either by my error or someone elses, the wrong version of fedex.php was posted for download on the getshopped.org website. There were some errors in it that barred the ability …

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May 01

How to get access to the Fedex Web Services API

For use of the Fedex API you must follow a number of steps to obtain a credentials. Below I have listed 13 page by page steps for you to acquire your own account.