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Jan 21

New USPS Module and UPS module to be released

Hello everyone, It seems that the United States Post Office decided to break our old USPS module for WP-E-Commerce when they installed the new version of their API. Bravo for reverse compatibility guys! Anyways, I have been working for the past few days trying like mad to get a new USPS module up and running …

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May 01

How to get access to the Fedex Web Services API

For use of the Fedex API you must follow a number of steps to obtain a credentials. Below I have listed 13 page by page steps for you to acquire your own account.

Mar 21

New UPS functionality for WordPress E-Ecommerce in 3.7.6RC1

Coming to a WordPress e-Commerce (WPSC) installation near you … a new UPS shipping module! The new shipping module has replaced the old UPS API which is being phased out of use and no longer supported by UPS. The new API requires a registered UPS account to use (trust me, not hard to set up). …

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