Jan 21

New USPS Module and UPS module to be released

Hello everyone,

It seems that the United States Post Office decided to break our old USPS module for WP-E-Commerce when they installed the new version of their API. Bravo for reverse compatibility guys! Anyways, I have been working for the past few days trying like mad to get a new USPS module up and running on the new API. One of the changes that they made with the new API is that they are requiring package dimensions for international rating.

The need for dimensions is pushing forward my plans to release an Advanced Shipping module for WPEC that handles this and more. I have already built this for UPS and Fedex, I will now be adapting my new USPS module to work with this and release it as a plugin as soon as possible.

I am working tirelessly to get this out the door as I understand this effects a large number of people / sites.

Expect a postmortem post about my experience working with the USPS API.

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  1. Andy

    Hey Greg,

    I just installed WPEC 3.8.1 with the Gold Cart 2.9 and I’m wondering where I stand with my shipping modules now. Have all of your updates been included in the the core, or do I still need to make changes. For the most part, everything looks great. The only thing I’m curious about is if USPS is using the total cart weight. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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