May 11

WordPress on GoDaddy, Dreamhost and other hosting providers compromised!

Yes you heard that right. Over the past week numerous WordPress installations on GoDaddy and other hosting providers have been under attack by malicious hackers that embed code into a number of the WordPress files that will pull javascript from outside sources and run them in your browser!

Several security sites have already caught on and found a fix for this issue. I first heard about if via this site ( blog.sucuri.net ).  Sucuri.net has posts on both the issue and methods of fixing it.

Go here  http://blog.sucuri.net/2010/05/new-attack-today-against-wordpress.html for more information on the threat.
and go  here http://blog.sucuri.net/2010/05/simple-cleanup-solution-for-latest.html for several ways to fix this issue quickly.

Common signs that your blog is infected ? If you View Source, it will have garbage like this at the bottom

Or, if a visitor or your own computers virus detection software complain about

Exploit IFramers launcher script

Please be mindful of these issues!

Good luck!