Mar 21

New UPS functionality for WordPress E-Ecommerce in 3.7.6RC1

Coming to a WordPress e-Commerce (WPSC) installation near you … a new UPS shipping module!

The new shipping module has replaced the old UPS API which is being phased out of use and no longer supported by UPS. The new API requires a registered UPS account to use (trust me, not hard to set up). Just click here and set up your own account. A UPS account and developer account are both necessary for use.

So, you are probably asking yourself why the change if I can still use the old API. Well, first off the old API is going to be shut down and is not working with some combinations of international shipping. Using the new API, you are using the newest technology provided by UPS and it is actively being supported !

Another improvement with the API is the ability to set what prices you want to show by service. If you prefer to only do Ground shipping then just show Ground!