There is now a Wiki devoted to documenting the work I have been doing and the knowledge I have gathered for my projects. There is a section just for WordPress e-Commerce. The WPSC documentation will not be limited to just shipping though, I will fill in information I have gathered from using the cart and helping others.


The wiki can be found here

The WPEC documentation has been removed due to being woefully out of date.


  1. Rudy

    1. I only use USPS – Priority Mail – Ship to US only, at this time I have 30+ items that the vendor has a fixed shipping rate, when I purchase it from them. This shipping rate is not the same for each of the different products. For these items, I have the field with the dollar amount: Shipping > Flat Rate Settings. For all other products not from this vendor, I have the Weight field entered. In WPEC 3.7.* a customer would be charged the Local Shipping Fee for any products that this was set, and the weighted fee for all other products. This does not seem to be the case now.

    2. Even though I have the Weight Rate and USPS (ID entered) checked in the Shipping Modules all shipping charges are $4.95. No matter which state, how many items, how heavy they are, it’s just $4.95 for each item in the cart. Example: if there are 2 items in the cart each weighing 50lbs, total shipping is $9.90.

    3. I would like to have a few products that are only available for pickup, so no shipping charges would apply. Or, give the option of local pickup for any product if available.

    I have verified the settings you posted in your post “USPS Testing Environment Issues” even though I am in production. I only ship to the US and only use USPS.

    The first 2 issues presented themselves after upgrading to WPEC 3.8. With this statement I would like to add that I used your “WP e-Commerce Plugin Advanced Shipping” previous to the WPEC 3.8 upgrade. I was also using the Gold Cart for WPEC, I am no longer using this.

    Does the “WP e-Commerce Plugin Advanced Shipping” work with WPEC 3.8? Would it resolve the issues currently being expereinced?

    I did not see a place to upload the USPS.php files.


    1. Greg

      Please use the Contact form by clicking on “Contact” in the nav bar. This creates a support case and has the ability to upload files.

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