Greg Gullett has been a professional web developer since 2000.

His early work includes the University of North Carolina RISE program administrative database (RAD) and a site for the University of North Carolinas Biotechnology department called the Biotechnology Thinktank.

He now works as a software and web developer for Net Enforcers Inc, a Intersections Inc company.

Recently he has created new shipping modules for the WordPress E-Commerce plugin to handle the new UPS shipping API and the Fedex Webservices API.

“Looking for custom shipping solutions to either alter the current modules functionality or just need help setting it up? Just contact me !”


  1. Mark Shaw

    Hello there! I was referred to you guys from GetShopped.org in regards to the UPS shipping module for WP E-Commerce. I seem to be running in to an issue when calculating prices to Canadian customers. It appears the module doesn’t properly send over the Province Name or Postal Code to the UPS API so it doesn’t return any valid rates. I noticed there were quite a few other users that reported this same problem but I haven’t seen a resolution and was just wondering if you guys knew about this or could provide any help. UPS Ground to USA works like a champ, just not to Canada. I appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

  2. developer

    I want to integrate FedEx API in android application.
    I have not any more idea about fedex.php file so if possible than send me this fedex.php file.

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