May 01

WPSC Fedex Installation Troubleshooting

First , if you need help please use the Contact form instead of leaving a comment please.

Set up ::

If you’re version (at the top of the file) is not set or is less than version 1.4 use the following installation instructions :

Unzip all files into the following structure under the WordPress e-Commerce plugin directory:

/shipping/library/ {Directory}
/shipping/nusoap/ {Directory}
There are 13 files under /nusoap/

If these files are Not in this area it will not work. Do not attempt to install this using the wordpress plugin installer.

If you’re version is greater than or equal to 1.4 then then extract the archive and upload fedex_plugin into your WordPress plugin folder (not wp-e-commerce) . Then activate the plugin using the WordPress plugin manager.

— Things are the same after this —

After you have unzipped the files and placed them in the appropriate directory, you can now configure the module in your admin panel under “Store”->”Settings”->”Shipping”->”Fedex”(edit) . Make sure to check the box next to “Fedex” to enable it too !

For you to be able to use the plugin you must configure it with valid Fedex developer and API credentials. If you fail to do so it will not work! Please go here to get your account , once you have an account follow these steps to get your api access,

HELP!?!@! ::

Due to the need to standardize error handling with WordPress Shopping Cart, errors are usually handled quietly and produce a generic error

Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details.

I understand how that can be a bother and I have come up with the following steps to follow to help you clear up the most common issues.

  1. Do you have a valid “Base Country” and “Base Region” set on the Settings->General page in the plugin ?
  2. Do you have a valid “Base Zip Code/Postal Code” set under Settings->Shipping ?
  3. Have you checked the “Fedex” option under “External Shipping Calculators” under Settings->Shipping
  4. Have you assigned weights to all of your products and their variations?
  5. Have you attained, or do you already have a valid Fedex Developer user account and credentials?
    – If no please go here to get your account , once you have an account follow these steps to get your api access
  6. Have you filled in all of your API information under Settings->Shipping->Fedex (Edit)
  7. Are you using Developer API credentials but have not selected the “Use Test API” check box.
    – If you have not gone through the process to “Move to Production” then you are using developer credentials.
    – When in doubt, check the box and give it a try, the worst it will do is give you the “Sorry, ” message!

Provided you have followed all of the steps above and you are still having issues look below for certain scenarios. If your situation does not meet anything that is listed on this page, please email me or use the contact form.

Advanced Errors::

  • If the web host you are on does not allow cURL without the use of a proxy you will have to configure proxy information
    – Edit the file “fedex.php” under the /shipping folder. Look for the line that reads
    //$this->setProxy($host, $port, $user, $pass); // Set this to enable a proxy, host os only required var
    Uncomment this line (remove the // ) and then replace $host, $port, and $pass with the proper values.
    For example, it could look like this$this->setProxy(“proxy.myhost.com”,”8180″,”admin”,”p4ssw0rd”) ;The only required field is the host, everything else is not required unless it is necessary for the proxy. ie
  • If your site is behind HTTP authentication (.htaccess) or you are using a server that does not resolve to the domain name given (ie, your development server is at and you are using the production domain for set up ie mysite.com but you have mysite.com going to your production server at Why is this an issue? The problem is the SOAP module being used by the Fedex module is not reliable with how it handles fetching a WSDL file. In the case of this issue, it is going to “http://mysite.com/installroot/shipping/…/library/fedex.wsdl”, but that does not resolve to the server where it actually is, that would need to be “…/library/fedex.wsdl” for it to work! Annoying but there is a work around.
    How to get around it you ask ?  Edit “fedex.php” and find the following line:$path = WPSC_FILE_PATH.”/shipping/”.$this->service_wsdl;Change this line to correctly point to the wsdl file like below (two cases)
    1. $path = “http://username:password@mysite.com/wordpressinstall/wp-content/wp-e-commerce/shipping/library/”.$this->service_wsdl;
    2. $path = “”.$this->service_wsdl;

Again, if you run into a problem that does not fit any of these scenarios and you have followed every step, please contact me.


  1. Jonathan

    Hi Greg,

    I have followed all the steps but am still having difficulty getting the FedEx plugin to work. Even everything from this post: http://wp.ecsquest.net/?p=33

    However, I am not sure if this is an issue:
    “If the web host you are on does not allow cURL without the use of a proxy you will have to configure proxy information”

    The host is Media Temple if that matters.


  2. Bruce Colwin

    I’m having an issue as well, and I’m also on Media Temple. Since I’m haven’t moved the domain to MT yet, the site is at the access domain (see link above), so in case that was the issue I tried the workaround above, and that didn’t work either. Any other insights would be appreciated. BTW, whenever I have the plugin installed, the site runs ridiculously slow. When I removed the plugin, it speeds up considerably.

  3. Chanda


    I’ve obtained my API, installed everything and entered the details, but I can’t get the plugin to work. The plugin shows up as an external shipping calculator option, but when I try to checkout a product, I get this:

    “Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details.”

    Any help would be appreciated.

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