May 12

Purolator Canada module coming soon!

Thanks to Nathan ( clicknathan.com ) I will be releasing a brand new WordPress e-Commerce shipping module for the Purolator shipping service for Canada!

Updates coming soon with download links when it is ready!


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  1. Steve

    When will te Purolator module be available?

  2. Greg

    I will be releasing an open beta in the next week or so. Do you have an urgent need for it ?

  3. Steven

    Is the purolator module available yet>?

    1. Hippie

      Your hontsey is like a beacon

  4. Marc

    Just checking on the availability of the module, is it available?

  5. Mark

    Hi, I’m curious if this will be use purolator’s Quick or Full Estimate method? Full Estimate would be great, as it allows for a more varied and specific shipping estimate – like allowing one to acquire a estimate for shipments over 150lbs.

    thank you!

    1. Wilhelmina

      What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evhryteing!

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